The Angel of the North, Gateshead's Winged Wonder

The Angel Of The North

…inspired vision, or earth-bound folly?

What kind of angel is this,
standing so boldly as some sort of sentinel
overlooking the A1 as it approaches Tyneside?

“The Angel of the North” seems destined to become a new symbol for Tyneside and one of the most recognisable landmarks in England. The aim of these pages is to offer some thoughts about Britain’s largest sculpture, and what if anything it might have to say about the human condition as we enter the new millennium.

Introducing ‘The Angel of the North’
What People are Saying about ‘The Angel of the North’
Pictures of ‘The Angel of the North’
Talking with ‘The Angel of the North’ - A Poem
About Angels
Angels in the Bible
Reflections on the Angel
Angels on the World Wide Web

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