C. Ernest Catcheside Warrington

Catcheside-Warrington was one of the more notable characters in the North-East song tradition in the first half of the 20th century. He was a popular performer and a prolific recording artist, under a variety of different names, but is best known now for the anthologies of Tyneside Songs which he compiled. These songbooks, published over a 20 year period are still in print, and are the nearest thing to a definitive canon of Geordie songs. Although titled "Tyneside Songs", their origin is occasionally somewhat further afield, including Wearside songs such as the "Lambton Worm". Four of Catcheside-Warrington's own recordings are available on the Phonograph CD "Wor Nanny's A Mazer".

The Songbooks, published by and available from J.G. Windows in the Central Arcade, Newcastle-on-Tyne contain the following songs.

Volume 1: The Keel Row / Geordie Haad The Bairn / The Paanshoop Bleezin' / Mally Dunn / Blaydon Races / Aa Hope Ye'll Be Kind Te Me Dowter / Keep Yor Feet Still Geordie Hinny / Cushy Butterfield / Last Neet (The New Pollis) / The Gallowgate Lad / The Cliffs Of Old Tynemouth / Haaks's Men (Recitation)

Volume 2: The Fire Upon The Kee / Me Little Wife At Hyem / The Row Upon The Stairs / The Cullercoats Fish-Lass / Wor Nanny's A Mazer / The Pitman's Courtship / Cappy (The Pitman's Dog) / The 98th (Jack's Listed) / The Neibors Doon Belaa / The Sandgate Lass's Lament / Oh! Leuk A' The Sowljor / The Cullercoats Fish-Wife And The Census Man

Volume 3: I Tickled Mary / The Lass That Leeves Next Door / Hi! Canny Man Hoy A Ha'Penny Oot / Weshin' Day / Oh! Heh Ye Seen Wor Jimmy / Wrang Train Agyen / The Caller / The Lambton Worm / Divvent Clash The Door / Oh! Bonny Scotland / The Gift O' The Gob / Je Ne Comprend Pas (Story)

Volume 4: Sair Fyel'd Hinny / Newcastle Is My Native Place / Bobby Shaftoe / The Water Of Tyne / O The Oak, And The Ash / Oh! I Ha'e Seen The Roses Blaw / Elsie Marley / Dance Ti' Thy Daddy / The Fiery Clock-Fyece / The Gyetside Lass / Ca' Hawkie Through The Water / Up The Raw / Dol-li-a / Aboot The Bush, Willy

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